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    Take down your window treatments...         Hang art in your windows.
Jessyca Shepherd                    Artisan

Jessyca Shepherd’s career path began as a civil service employee providing data entry services for the energy assistance program (LIHEAP). The culmination of her career path, prior to relocating from the suburbs of Philadelphia, saw her in the role of an auditor of actuarial databases with the parent company of the third largest trucking company. Her relocation to the northern woods of the Inland Pacific Northwest allowed her the opportunity to transition from the field of information technology to an adaptive path based upon the socio-economics of the community. With the aide of her analytical abilities, advanced instruction in the art of stained glass, and a voracious appetite for continuing to develop and refine her medium, Jessyca has an attitude that settles for nothing less than a balance between artistic expression and superlative techniques.

Jessyca’s ultimate goal is to create a family heirloom, or public work of art, that will captivate, enthrall, and stimulate the viewer. She accomplishes this goal by coming up with fresh ideas and designs, and executing them with precise control over the medium to achieve the highest level of the craft. Her eye for exacting composition, her vision of light, and her attraction to sheets of glass pleasing in their uniqueness, enables her to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for her clientele.

Jessyca uses the techniques exacted in leaded stained glass and the Tiffany copper foil methods to accomplish her vision. She is proficient in her abilities to provide repair service for contractual clientele. Jessyca’s business, Unikke Glas, is a registered entity within the state. 

Jessyca has donated her stained glass work to local food banks and fund-raising events for various causes. She has donated her time and materials for classroom presentations while providing the students with opportunities to design, create, and maintain ownership of their individual works of art. ​
In Jessyca's free-time, she enjoys reading, brain games, and creating designs which reflect upon her personality. She is an advocate to the education of her children and supports activism and social change for humanity and Mother Earth.